What is Shakeology Actually Worth?

Shakeology is Expensive at First Glance. TRUE.

Shakeology is Expensive.  False


Allow me to explain. I once with you. I saw the price tag on Shakeology and I said-“Heck no! I would never spend THAT much on a protein drink…They want how much for something I can get in a store for like $20??”  It isn’t that I didn’t think it could keep me full or diminish cravings the way it said, but I had already tried so many protein drinks and quote and quote meal replacement drinks and bars, I found it hard to believe it could possibly be worth all they wanted for it. I didn’t know it then-but I was uninformed, closed minded, and entirely wrong!!



I used to be a review blogger. I tested all sorts of weight loss supplements, protein drinks, meal replacement drinks…And some worked-most did not. I can’t remember even one drink or replacement I ever tried that did everything it claimed it would, and sometimes anything at all. It didn’t matter how many calories it had, or how few carbs or what things it didn’t have (soy for one). No matter how wonderful the health facts looked-it really made no difference. Not one kept me full for longer than an hour and none kept me from wanting that bag of chips or from craving cookies and milk. Yet, I kept trying.

After a year and a half of trying just about everything on the market, I decided perhaps it was time to consider Shakeology. But that Price Tag-I couldn’t get my brain around it. But instead of write it off, I did my research. I found that it had ingredients NO OTHER meal replacement drink had. (yes-meal replacement!) I discovered what I had written off as a protein shake, wasn’t even classified as one-it was a meal replacement. There were ingredients in it that I had taken as supplements and absolutely KNEW worked because I had taken them and had results.They weren’t just for weight loss, but also craving/hunger suppression, vitamins and minerals, and there are even ingredients that help with inflammation and digestion!


Despite my research, I was still not ready to try it. I was not about to drop this kind of money on a product that

A. may not work  or

B. only last an hour or two and I’d be eating another meal anyways…Besides! Who knew if it even tasted good? What if I absolutely hated it?

So, I waited. I started working out regularly-I began to do Insanity. And I was added to a free health and fitness motivational group run by my cousin. That’s when things really began to change for me.

About a week after I started Insanity and joined the group, my cousin began to share about a clean eating group she was going to be a part of and offered to add any of us in the group. So-what the hey. I asked her if I could be added. Of course, she needed to be my coach and I’d been assigned one when I got my program, but I switched to her (one-because I know her much better, two-because my assigned coach didn’t answer even one email)  and she added me the Thursday before it started.

I went out and bought my groceries and spent about $185 total for the whole week-that was more than I’ve ever spent on groceries-EVER. I was discouraged. Could eating clean be so expensive and hard? I prepped that first Sunday and it took me over 4 hours because I’d never prepped a meal ahead in my life. Again-discouraged.  Four Hours?? I have three kids-I can’t do that every week! (I’ll tell you how I changed that in another post)  I followed the week of meals to a capitol T.  Minus one tiny detail.  Every day included a Shakeology meal or snack and I didn’t have any-so I replaced it with my Click protein drink-it was expresso flavored-couldn’t get any better-right? (again-wrong! But I’ll get there…)

By the end of the week I had lost 6 pounds and two inches all over. I was ecstatic! I was so stoked to keep going! The whole week I had been sharing my progress, meals, how I felt-all of it and people were responding!  My cousin, now coach, was super supportive and really took the time to encourage me and I was talking to her about being a coach from the get go-but I had never committed. I never believed in a million years anyone would care about what I was doing or would believe I could do it.  My inner demons ran so deep I found it hard to fathom anyone would be interested. But how wrong I was! And after just a week of sharing on my personal Facebook page, I was starting to see how wrong I really was.


I took the plunge. After a week of being encouraged by everyone around me, I decided that I wanted to press on and be the encourager NOT the encouraged. I told my coach I was ready to join and she was like awesome! Have you considered trying Shakeology? She sent me a sample and I liked it-but not very much. My first try was the Chocolate vegan and I made exactly as directed. It was as I feared. I wasn’t won over. The one I’d been using for the longest time was so much better! I did however notice less cravings and who knew-maybe it was just the flavor. So I decided to give it a second try and buy some-but instead of on it’s own, I got it as a challenge pack.

The value was so much better! I got the 21 Day Fix Kickstart program that came with 21 Day Fix (it included everything), Shakeology, AND it came with 3 Day Refresh! I got 21 Day Fix for FREE, plus I got to sign up as a coach for FREE! My package came a week later (not even actually!) and I started drinking my Chocolate Shakeology immediately. I had already said I was going to cancel my HD because this was a one time purchase-I couldn’t see myself drinking this long term.

With it came a calendar giving thirty different recipes I could try. The first night I tried the Spiced Chocolate. It was okay-the cinnamon was a little much-but I liked it way more than the first drink I had ever had. While I still wasn’t sold, I continued to drink it daily for a week trying it different ways. Some I liked-others, not so much-but it was good. I was starting to really look forward to it each day and I had been noticing some pretty big changes. My husband was noticing too-and that made me really start thinking.



After that first week I began to really start to see a difference, feel a difference, and began to see the financial worth in it. I was not snacking-like at all. I had my usual snacks-carrots and hummus, hard boiled eggs, wraps, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and berries-those goodies. But I wasn’t craving cookies, cakes, chips, burgers and fries… None of it. And I wasn’t eating every time I passed through the kitchen-in fact, my trips to the fridge went from 12-15 times a day to 1-2 outside of making meals. I went from drinking a protein shake then eating an hour later and over eating on junk I shouldn’t have had to simply drinking my Shakeology and eating my other snacks/meals as usual.  I also noticed that my workouts were easier to do. Not that they felt easier in the act-but I wasn’t dreading them because I was recovering faster. I wasn’t spending the next four hours feeling like a truck had run me over.

And the ENERGY! Don’t even get me started! I’m not saying I was bouncing off walls, running in circles energetic. But I did have lasting energy throughout the day. I wasn’t drinking coffee or tea anymore-those have been almost completely cut out of my diet outside of the occasional treat. I am going to bed a little earlier, but I am sleeping so much better! I haven’t gotten sleep this great since before I got pregnant with my daughter! I am more regular as far as my colon/digestive function, and I no longer have to take a myriad of vitamins or a multi-vitamin because I drink Shakeology every day. Not only that-but I was seeing results in the mirror! Here is me just three weeks after the pictures you saw above with my before picture. I can’t believe it looking at these two pictures together! This is ME!



This is where it’s real worth really started to sink in with me. I was seeing results. I felt great, was confident, I could push harder through my workouts…..But I had yet to decide that it was fully for me. I began to consider whether the cost was fair, what it came out to each day, and if it saved me money in the long run. Clean eating itself was saving me over $100 a week between groceries and eating out each week. (plus take out almost three times a week). So what exactly was Shakeology worth?

I started thinking about the money I was spending on lunch each day. It came out to between $4-$8 a day depending on what I was making or having that day. We’re talking the same amount it costs to get a meal out at your neighborhood Wendy’s or Burger King. (not that I was eating that-but for illustration sake) Shakeolgy divided by 30 to account for each day of the 30 day month comes out to $4.28 and for a 31 day month it is $4.19. That’s about the price of a grande specially brewed drink at Starbucks! (before tax) So for the price of a grande coffee at starbucks-I could have a Shakeology shake each day.

Not only that though! I was saving about $15 a week in needless  drive thru stops, $15-20 on unhealthy snacks such as chips, cookies, and frozen pizza. I am saving total, in just one week anywhere from $35 to upwards of $65 a week! Over a month of drinking shakeology, I have saved between $140- $252!! That is WITH the purchase of Shakeology.

To me, keeping my Home Direct is not only important, but imperative to me. It is more than just a meal replacement. It is all the dense nutrition my body needs to get through each day and to take care of my body on a daily basis. I absolutely LOVE it! It is the best decision I ever made! I feel great, look great,  (or at least, I think I do! 😉 ) I am healthy. My sugar levels have evened out, my vision has improved, my memory is better-and I focus better, my results with Insanity have kicked up a notch, my digestion is better, I have more energy to chase my kids around, and my cravings are gone! (mostly anyways 😉 )

To me, Shakeology is worth a lot. Many times people forget that cost does not equal worth.  In some cases that is a negative, but in this case it is a positive. In my honest opinion, it is worth much more than it costs-making it a great deal and very worth the monthly cost.

Shakeology is worth my health.

Shakeology is worth being able to push through workouts.

Shakeology is worth shorter recovery time.

Shakeology is worth being able to play with my kids. (energy)

Shakeology is worth getting a great night’s sleep.

Shakeology is worth having a healthy full meal replacement.

Shakeology is worth losing cravings and eating better.

Shakeology is worth better memory.

Shakeology is worth losing weight and building muscle better.

Shakeology is worth not taking so many vitamins each day. (it is my multivitamin)

Shakeology is worth my new found self confidence.

Shakeology is worth EVERY PENNY! For all those things and more.


You can try all the protein drinks, add amino acids, vegetables, fruits, and a multivitamin and you will never find one that works as great and is as healthy for you as Shakeology. I am not saying you have to go out an buy it today-it is still a commitment and a very personal decision. But once you do decide to purchase this amazing meal replacement, vitamin, protein drink, and recovery formula all in one, you will never want to look back.  What I am saying is, unless you try it, give it more than one try and a chance, you will never know if it is for you or not. You won’t know if it is worth every penny or if it’s way too expensive, because worth is also a very personal opinion and you have to try something to know.  I chose to give it a chance, to wait it out just a couple weeks, and I love it-I’m not going back! What will you choose to do?


*Leave me a comment below-let me know what you think, any questions you have, or something you learned while reading this post, or tell me about your day! I want to hear from you!

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Bacon Vegetable Omelet

I am new to the whole idea of eating breakfast. I sadly admit that I have always leaned towards the side of skipping it. I did eat the occasional bowl of cereal or bagel, but often it was no more than a fleeting after thought. Then I started my journey towards getting fit and eating healthy and I found out that not only should I eat breakfast, but I should be eating small meals throughout the day. Again, not my forte.

What I have found since I started eating breakfast, however, is that my body can then sense that it is hungry and I don’t go all the way to 4pm without even one meal. My stomach is a smart little organ and it knows how to tell me it needs food. (but only when well hydrated-being thirsty makes you feel hungry too!) I start my day eating right, and somehow it turns into a full day of good eating. I eat at 8:30, 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 6:30 and the occasional snack later…But I’m not over eating-just getting the right amount to keep full without gorging my stomach full of things I probably shouldn’t have had. Anyways, I digress. My new favorite for breakfast is eggs-I make them a myriad of ways-but the way I’m going to show you today is my absolute favorite! It is a Bacon Vegetable omelet–yes, that savory looking dish below! 🙂




This dish is super easy to make and the cheese is optional-this was my hubby’s omelet-I go no cheese on my own, but for presentation sake…The health benefits can’t be overlooked, either.  It is a great source of protien, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals-and it just plain out tastes amazing! 🙂 If you are on the 21 day fix, it is great for that too because it counts as 1 red, 1 green, and 1 tsp. (and 1/2 blue if you add the cheese)



20150209_094857 20150209_09510220150209_100854 20150209_100230

To start, you will want to know what you need, Right? Here is the list of ingredients:

Two Slices Turkey Bacon (cooked)

1/4 cup Green bell pepper diced

1/4 cup Tomato diced

1/4 cup Mushroom diced

1/4 cup Baby Spinach

1/2-1 tsp garlic powder (to taste)

1 tsp Olive Oil


Start by adding the 1 tsp olive oil to a skillet and heat until hot. Add all of the vegetables and the bacon to the oil and saute until done.  It will look much like the picture above when ready.

20150209_101900 20150209_10202520150209_102054


Scramble your eggs and add them to the sauteed veggies cook uncovered for 3-4 minutes at medium heat. Cover for another 4-5 minutes until done. Fold in half and you’re all done! 🙂


I am getting this posted pretty late-so it’s a perfect way to start your day tomorrow or Saturday. It is so, so good! Cook it up, Give it a try, Tell me what you think in the comments below! 🙂

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Fit with Purpose


It has been a long time since I felt like a person of purpose or worth. It can be hard to get over past hurts and words said-especially those repeated over, and over, and over.  I spent years feeling less than, as though I had no worth or purpose in life. It was like I was here, I was living, and that was all. I had my husband, home, and children, but I had no ambition, no self esteem. These feelings didn’t happen overnight, they took years to form. Years that in a few short months I’ve had to reestablish in my mind as false, and lies and recognize me for the person I truly am.

I spent so long listening to the lies of others and trying so hard to make others happy, to be the person everyone else wanted me to be I lost myself in the process. I lost my purpose. I was no longer happy and free to be myself or to love the things I did or do the things I wanted to do or achieve the dreams I wanted to achieve because I was worried more about their dreams for me, what was expected of me. The issue with all of that is, when I didn’t succeed at what others expected of me, or if I messed up even a little, they were disappointed, back stabbing, mean, and hurtful. It became a life of never doing anything right-not because I had it wrong, but because they were never going to be content with anything I did to impress them or make them happy.


Then, about a year ago I purchased Insanity. I loved it! But, like many things in my life, it fell by the wayside and I never finished. I was so deflated and defeated! I wanted so terribly to lose the baby weight and sugar/junk food weight I had put on, get fit and be healthy-but I had no one there to support me. I was on my own. It has been a long year of getting to know who I am and what I want out of life. I have found I am a happy, bubbly personality. And sure, I’m a bit awkward or quirky at times, but I am a special person who new people I meet actually seem to like. I love to cook and sing. I’m not great at art, but I have a super creative side that comes in handy when it comes to teaching my three kids or making a chart or card. I love my family and my God. They come first and foremost to me-and despite any feelings my family or friends have about it-it doesn’t matter. I love them just the same.

The last, and most important thing I found about myself is I am STRONG. I am not meant to be walked all over. Yes, I will do everything in my power to help another or make someone happy, but it should never be at the expense of my own happiness or the happiness we feel in our home. I am capable. Capable of so many things. And I am fit. I am no size 2-or 12 for that matter-but I am fit with purpose. God has a design for my life. I am still learning the full weight of it and navigating this life knowing that just around the corner another piece of my puzzle will be revealed. God has created me for so much!


I am no on a mission. A mission to help others find their purpose. To show them just how important they are to those around them, myself, to God. I am pursuing my purpose through fitness. I am on a journey to lose 70 pounds and get fit, healthy, and challenge myself to do more than ever before. On this journey, I would love to help others to meet their goals, stay motivated, supported, and most of all feel loved and important. I am offering myself as a free coach to anyone who would like to have the added support an motivation. Along with that I run free challenge groups, have a free motivational health and fitness group exclusive to those who have me as their coach, and you can even find me on Facebook on my own special fitness page.

I would love to extend this offer to those of you who are reading my blog! If you are interested in the support, motivation, recipes, and encouragement of your own FREE personal coach visit https://www.teambeachbody.com/tbbsignup/-/tbbsignup/free?referringRepId=576932 and sign up today! I have in just a few weeks lost two inches all over, almost 10 pounds, and gained a load of confidence in myself and my abilities! I’ve learned the importance of daily workouts, eating clean, and living a healthy and happy life and I would love to share my experience with you!

To Follow my Journey, visit http://facebook.com/thefitfablife and don’t forget to subscribe!

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