Insanity-The First Six Weeks



 Insanity. The name says it all, doesn’t it? At the core, Insanity truly is “trying the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results…” In this case, Insanity is a GREAT thing! I it is the repetition of certain exercises every so many days, repetition of getting active and eating well, and the repetition of sweating so uncontrollably you never knew you could sweat so much!  It is hard, yet simple at the same time. You know what you are doing and when, all you have to do is push play!


I started my journey with Insanity now almost seven weeks ago. I know, I know….I am late posting. Life has happened and I am only on week 6 when I should be on 7 and nearing the end of this 60 day journey. The whole process has been a process, in a process, in a process. What do I mean when I say that? Well, let me tell you!

I started this journey off at 225 pounds. I was at my heaviest weight, and my lowest point in life. I had just lost two people in my life I loved dearly and found out that another two were suffering from different forms of cancer and with one there is nothing to be done and the other would be again be going through the Chemo process, one that is ugly, painful, and scarey in and of itself.  I needed to do something, I wanted to get healthy and be fit so I could live a long and healthy life with my family and those around me. I have always wanted to help others-but how could I effectively do that if I wasn’t willing to help myself?

109282440_insanity_313040cmainSo I pulled out my Insanity dvd’s and I got moving. I was not psyched about doing it at first. It hurt, made me sweaty (and I hate that feeling), and forced me out of my comfort zone. But I kept on. I started sharing what I was doing and how I was eating after joining an awesome clean eats group held by my coach. People started to watch and I began to listen. I started eating correctly and getting my workouts in daily and if I missed, I never missed two days in a row.  After my second week doing Insanity, I became a coach. It has been a huge change for my life and I love it! I am becoming the person I always wanted to be, and I am not just talking about weight loss, because my life as an obese woman has only been a 5 year journey, not life long.

So, I’m 7 weeks in my journey, 6 weeks into Insanity, and I’m sure you’re wondering about what I’ve accomplished so far. The first thing I have accomplished is we now buy our groceries ahead of time and I prep every Sunday for the whole week. This keeps me from having an excuse to skip meals or eat food that is not going to help me toward my goal. The second thing is I now exercise regularly. I had to take a week or so off for my feet because I have a lot of issues in my feet-but the desire was there each day to get up and push play, even though I couldn’t.

The third thing is I have lost about four inches all over total so far. That is with the occasional cheat meal, missed workouts, and a few poor decisions. The last thing I have accomplishes is I am now 196 opposed to 225. That is HUGE! It is such progress! I can’t believe I’ve come so far in just a few weeks time! I have had set backs-such as last week I was in the 180s and due to poor choices I went back up some, but I know what I did and can fix it to make my journey forward even better because I know how to handle some sticky (bun) situations now.


In just four weeks I went from a size 20 to a size 16 and while I was slowed down by some life happenings, I continue to shrink in size and grow in strength. Below you’ll see my six week progress-I am now a size 12-14 and have fit in my first size large t-shirt in over 4 years! I couldn’t be happier! I do have feet issues that require future surgery, but I’m not letting that stop me. I have a goal and I’m going to meet it! I am strong, I am able, and I am determined. I am only 60 pounds from my goal and I started 90 from it. I am closer than ever to being fit and healthy than I have ever been. I am six weeks in and have 3 left to go-I am ready and I can’t wait to see what my results are in the next three weeks and share it with you!

Insanity         and Clean Eating

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What is Your Why?

What is your Why? You hear people ask that all the time. I mean-what Does that even mean? My why. Isn’t simple? I am doing what I am because I want to-right? Again, this turns into a saga of me being wrong. So, So, wrong.


For years I’ve been asked to give my why for different things I did. Why do you want to stay home with your kids? Why are you choosing to home school. Why did you marry that man? Why do you want to lose weight? Why, Why, Why, Why, WHY?? I constantly was being asked why questions and honestly. I didn’t know! I just stared blankly at each person who asked and thought-well, isn’t me wanting it enough of a why? Why do I need a why? C’mon. That is dumb. It’s obvious why. I want to nurture my kids, I want to lose weight, I want to be with this person, so on and so on. But, I was left to wonder later-was it really that simple, or was I just being so simple to not think about it? Was there something about this “Why” thing. Did it really motivate the way people said it would if I could manage to figure it out?

I decided to find out for myself. It couldn’t be so hard after all. I searched and searched for months and I came up with-well-nothing. I mean, I said my kids, my husband, my health, but nothing really clicked with me yet or stuck. Those things are and were important to me, but I needed a wake up call. Something to jolt me into action.


In August of 2014 I decided to volunteer for the position of Mission and Advocacy Lead for our Local Relay for Life. Things began to click, I mean, my job was to tell people all about what the ACS does for people/patients and also about how to prevent Cancer and how to best care for ones self. I wasn’t quite in the place to do something about it, but the foundation was being laid. Just before Thanksgiving we lost my husbands grandfather. He was such a dear man, and though he died of age and went peacefully, it still hit hard. I decided at that point I wanted to live a long life he did and make the most of every moment-but I needed a change.

I wish I could say that it was that moment that I decided to pull out my workout dvds and get moving and eating right, but it wasn’t. We were in the midst of closing on our new home at this time and it was a long, dragged out time while we waited for the sellers, bankruptcy courts, and more decide that we could finally close on our home. This time was spent filling out paperwork and packing while we waited and it was BUSY! While I didn’t physically change anything in the back of my mind was the idea of eating better-but I didn’t know how. So instead, I ate less. I did successfully lose about 15 pounds in this time, and I am still proud of the loss, but it was not from a healthy lifestyle, but instead fatigue, stress, and a lack of food. It’s not that we didn’t have the food, it was that I wasn’t eating the food. I just told myself there was no time and went without.

no-foodPiYo DEFINE YOURSELFBy the time we closed on our house we were closing in on Christmas and it was less than a full week away. We rented a truck and I loaded it up and unloaded it and repeated that a few times. Now, you may think I had help, and boy do I wish I did, but my husband works at night and sleeps during day so he wasn’t available. When we weren’t moving boxes or packing up the truck, we had to stay at our old place to make sure our son still made it to school without driving an hour both directions to get him there, so there was no time to unpack a thing we brought into the house.

By the time we ended that week and started the next, I was driving an hour both ways to drive our son to school then worked on getting unpacked when we could-but we were already at Christmas Eve and we had a tree up and had just managed to secure some furniture just in time. (if you wonder where I am going with this, hang tight, it’s coming) Christmas was spent sick and just a short day later something happened that would entirely shake my world.


It didn’t take long to find out the news my grandmother had suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital and not responding. I felt like world had just stopped moving. I had planned to see her for Christmas and she waited for me-looked for me- and I wasn’t there. (we were sick, we couldn’t go, but I have to admit I still try to rationalize the fact I let her down…) She understood, I’m sure. She was the most loving woman in the world. She loved God most of all, she loved my Grandfather like no woman has ever loved a man, and she loved her family stronger than anyone I’ve ever met. She was a light to everyone who ever met her-and they knew she was the product of a loving God.

I was finally able to make it down December 29 once we were all better and it was safe to do so-and it wasn’t good. She was struggling and no one wanted to see her suffer.  It was later that day when they took her off the ventilator and just a few short moments later she went peacefully to meet the Lord. Wracked with pain, grief, and guilt I left that day with my husband, children, and father and it felt like I was all alone. I so wanted to go back in time and hold her hand just one more time and shoot the wind about the kids and church.  (heck-I still wish I could do that….)


The next week was a whirlwind of family coming to town and planning. The New Year came and went and while it was a new start, I felt like it was just another day. What did I have that I could do that would make the start of a year happy when in the back of our minds we were all thinking about Grandma and how wonderful she was and how blessed we were to know her in our lifetimes. I spent a lot of time thinking about the woman she was and the person I was and it really got me going deep within.

10686607_10204270226093334_949065298941395872_nHer memorial service came and went and it was a day of stories, music, love… There was no doubt in the minds of anyone there that she was loved or that she was loving. Every story told pointed back to her love of God and family. Her love of life and her way of touching every life she came in contact with. I wanted (and want) that. I chose that day that I wanted to be more like her. Full of Christ love and a blessing to others around me.

I began to get back in God’s word and feeding my soul and one thing led to another and I began to feel I needed to do something for my health, because there is no way I could live a long, meaningful life if I continued down the road I was taking at that time. I was miserable. But not for long. It was at that moment my “why” became clear. I was made with purpose and it was to help others and to serve. The most important and best thing I could do to do that was to take care of myself and to treasure the temple of God. So-I pulled out my Insanity Dvds and got at it. I didn’t share at first. I was embarrassed. I was the biggest I’ve ever been, and it was humiliating. I hated going out because of it.

2014-12-19-Scale_091312_vr_tif_I was a few weeks in when I again quit-but within a day a family member added me to her fitness group on Facebook. That was enough for me to get in it again. I started to do it, then I started taking pictures and really sharing what I was doing. I got involved in a 5 Day Clean Eating Group and I really started to get the hang of eating well and working out. I added in a gallon or more of water a day and the weight started to really come off. In a month I lost 15 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. I have since gone on a few weeks but ended up down due to a foot issue (non related) and am just getting back in. I have wanted to give in a few times-but that WHY that PURPOSE to get fit and better my life so I can better the lives of others has pushed me on. I am so excited to get back into it tonight and keep moving.

The whole point of this whole post is this. You can have a million REASONS to do something, but if you don’t have a WHY (or a couple even-but one MAIN why) you won’t have a real purpose in what you are doing. You won’t have a cement reason to keep moving to keep pushing toward your goal. There is no reason bigger than your WHY.  My deep down why is I want to live a long, healthy, meaningful life and help others do the same. I want to be like my Grandmother. I want to beat the odds of getting a life altering disease like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease. I want to live a PURPOSEFUL life.  Dig deep and find your why. Why do you want to get fit and healthy? Why do you want to move up in your job/find a new job/start your own business? Why do you keep going even when you want to give up? That tiny three letter word has HUGE implications and can be the difference between giving up what it is you are doing or pressing toward the prize. I urge you-FIND YOUR WHY!


What reason do you have to do things in life? What is your WHY?  Share in the comments below and tell me what you think. I always love hearing from you!


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To Buzz or Not to Buzz


Cancer Awareness is something that is very important to me. So many that I know and love have fought cancer. Some wont he fight, others were lost. Cancer Awareness and Relay for Life really drive a lot of what I do anymore. I hate the words “You’ve got Cancer” or to hear a friend say, well, I had a lump/spot and the doctors say I have cancer. It kills me inside! EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This year I made it my goal to do anything and everything I could to support the fight against cancer, raise funds for the American Cancer Society for prevention education, cancer awareness, important cancer research (for the cure), and for the myriad of services offered to cancer patients, caregivers, and many others. I am planning a 5k walk/run to be held on March 21, 2015, joined the Relay for Life of Cortland County ELT, and have made it my goal to not only tell others how they can save lives, including their own by not only participating in their local Relay for Life event, but also through prevention measures such as early screening (one should be screened for colon cancer at the age of 50!), eating clean and getting active, and limiting or removing the use of alcohol and tobacco from your routine.



I have been growing my hair out to donate for Wigs for Kids and I’ve now found that if I raise some money for Relay for life for a donation I can shave my head or get my hair cut. I would really LOVE to get my head shaved-not because I want to be bald-but because I want to show my support to those around me fighting this TERRIBLE disease. I want to raise awareness in my community. I want to show the world that there is strength in the suffering of this disease. Only one little set back. My hubby does NOT want me to shave my hair off. He believes I should just get it cut instead of shaving it. So, I said, “why don’t we put it in a poll?” So, of course, he chuckled at me because the poll isn’t going to change how we feel, but it may change how I approach it! 😉

So weigh in! Do you think I should Shave my locks to donate to Wigs for kids, or should I just get a hair cut? Let me know in the Poll below! 🙂


Do you think I should buzz my Hair for Wigs for Kids or keep my locks?
Yes-Go bald for Wigs for Kids!
No-Keep your locks!

Poll Maker


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