Bear Naked!

Okay, so now that I’ve gotten you attention…I’m not saying go nude. No, in fact-keep your clothes on…PLEASE ūüėČ I’m talking about snacks!! There are so many snack options out there-health food bars, shakes, crackers, fruit snacks, cookies, chips, and all sorts of “healthy snacks” that, frankly, are pretty much as bad as the unhealthy things they tell us to avoid. Full of sugar, enriched flowers, gluten, soy, preservatives…May as well eat the junk, am I right??


I must admit, I don’t often get excited about a snack. Very few fill me up and taste good plus have good nutrition facts. Let’s face it, we live in a world where snacks are a dime a dozen, and our food companies are allowed to make just about any claim they want to anymore. Suuuure, that cookie is a great snack, healthy too. Less than 100 calories!! Really?? The cold hard facts are, calories aren’t the only thing we have to worry about in our snacks! We have to consider artificial flavorings, sugar, carbs, fat, preservatives, some of us soy, gluten, dairy…There is so much to consider!

Bear Naked Granola, however, lacks the white sugars, artificial flavorings, and, from what I can read on their package, the health facts are spot on for what we should really be looking for in a snack.¬† You can literally find every listed ingredient in the local grocery store, the single pouches/individual serving is between 100-150 calories, 45 of which are fat, but there is a difference between bad fats and good fats. These would be considered good fats because they are coming from the nuts in the package. (depending on the kind you buy-not all have that much fat in them. And we’ll get to the good fat vs bad fat at another time)

While it does contain more sugar than I would usually consume in a snack, it is to be noted that it is complex sugars such as maple syrup or honey, so they will digest slower keeping your blood sugar level, and you won’t be craving more right away like other sugary snacks because of how these particular sugars digest.


I had the opportunity recently to try the Caramel Apple flavor and the Coconut Almond Curry and I have fallen in love with them! My absolute favorite is the Caramel Apple flavor. It is lightly salted to give it that saltiness while being sweet with the apple and caramel flavors in there.  The bits of apple were soft and sweet and the combination of granola and nuts was to die for. I could eat it all day!

20150527_203253My absolute favorite way to have it is in my plain Greek Yogurt, it adds a sweet flavor that tones down the strong flavor Greek yogurt seems to sometimes have. It is also great in Oatmeal and as a snack alone or with hard boiled eggs to get in some protein, healthy carbs, and good fats for the day.

I definitely say, if you are looking for a great snack, go Bear Naked. You won’t regret it! This granola is Amazing! Plus, you can’t beat having a healthy snack-especially if you are working to eat healthy, get fit, lose some weight, or kick yourself in gear!

*I received this product free for my review, but all opinions and views are solely my own* @LiveBearNaked  @Influenster,  #LiveBearNaked  #contest,
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