What’s Up, Buttercup??


Okay, so in the spirit of keeping this super short, This post is going to be relatively picture free….So I apologize in advance!!

What’s up, Buttercup? Oh, nothing more than the usual…Blossom Vox Box! I was extremely impressed with this VoxBox. In fact, it is my favorite of all boxes I have gotten thus far! In it came, Pasta Zero pasta, Australian Gold SPF 30, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Bear Naked Granola in Coconut Almond Curry and Caramel Apple, Hair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo, NYC Color CityProof 24 Eye Shadow in Ombre, and Beanitos original and Chipotle BBQ. Each and every product had such great qualities and there was little to complain about, if anything at all! I will start with the Pasta Zero Pasta. This pasta cooked quickly and tasted great, even the hubby approved! With only 15 Calories, 4g Carbs, 3g of Fiber, and 1g Protein, this pasta is not only delicious, but it is a way better option than it’s wheat pasta alternative. It’s what I like to call Guilt Free Pasta. And it really is! Nasoya hit it out of the ballpark with this one! Then there’s the Australian Gold SPF 30. I really don’t have a ton to say about it other than it doesn’t leave my hands or skin feeling greasy, is water proof, and protects me amply from the sun and it’s harmful rays while leaving my skin moisturized so it doesn’t dry out like some suns screens can. I always recommend wearing sunscreen when going out, so why not give Australian Gold a try?? Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs has been a lifesaver for me. I go outside a lot now that it’s warm outside, but the sun doesn’t seem to permeate the skin or leave a healthy glow or tan or ANYTHING, so to match my legs to my arms, I use Airbrush legs! It is great! I just apply it (then wash my hands off lol) and go. It gives my legs a healthy, airbrush glow without streaks or lines and it doesn’t rub off on clothing or furniture. It is the perfect way to get those perfectly tanned legs you’ve always wanted all summer long…. I absolutely love Bear Naked Granola, so when I saw the Caramel Apple and Coconut Almond Curry single serve packages in my Blossom Voxbox, I was excited! My favorite of the two was the Caramel apple, thought the Almond curry was also good, but the caramel apple seemed to be perfect for my sweet tooth cravings! This granola makes a great topping for oatmeal or yogurt and tastes amazing in vanilla or coffee flavored ice cream too (though I try to avoid those most of the time!) The Hair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo does a great job of getting the grezse and oils out of my hair all the way to the root. At first it was great, but I think this is a product best used sparingly and only on occasion. I love that it leaves my hair feeling refreshed and free of chemicals and old shampoo and conditioner residue, but it also seems to cleanse my hair and scalp of the healthy oils and that in turn makes my head itch and my hair get greasy faster because my skin is trying to compensate for the lack of healthy oil. I think if used with a great conditioner or with some argon oil, that issue could easily be remedied, however. I have a hard time making the time to put makeup on. It takes so much time, the worst part for me is the eye shadow only because I always want it to be so perfect.  Since trying the NYC CityProof 24hr eye shadow, however, I have been able to come up with a simple 5 minute routine that really works and looks great so even when I’m running out the door I can do it. The shadow goes on super easy, I just color the lower half of the lid up to the crease then blend it over the whole lid to complete the look. (optionally add liner as well) Then I just add some mascara, blush and a light coat of powder, lip gloss and I’m out the door in a flash. This eye shadow is a great color (ombre) and would work on almost any skin tone or eye color. A definite must try! The last product I’m going to review quickly is the Beanitos original and Chipotle BBQ. Admittedly, the original were not my favorite, but I had them plain. I think they tasted a lot like tortilla chips so maybe with some hummus or salsa they would have been complete! The Chipotle BBQ flavor is to die for! (not literally) It tastes like the less healthy baked bbq chip version, but without all the preservatives, gluten, soy, etc. PLUS if you go through the ingredients, you can pronounce each one and most are found right in the local grocery store. What’s not to love?? These are great because they give me the chip crunch satisfaction without clogging my arteries or intestines with junk. 😉 So-that is all that came in the Blossom VoxBox, what I
thought and my first impressions. I hope you found this a little helpful and if you try any of the products, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from you!

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